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By Georgina Mitchell
27 May 2018 — 3:45pm

Domino’s scored 3/100 on the Deakin study.

Australia’s most popular fast-food restaurants need to be more transparent about their nutrition policies and should commit to reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat, according to a new report which ranks the retailers based on their public positions on tackling obesity.
The report, released today by Deakin University’s Global Obesity Centre, examined the 11 largest fast-food restaurants – which cover about 67 per cent of the market – using publicly available information, then ranked them based on their policies relating to healthy eating.
A study into Australia’s largest fast-food chains has found the majority of companies are not taking sufficient steps to promote healthy eating.
It found the majority of the restaurants do not identify nutrition and health as being a focus area, with a sector-wide failure by “quick service restaurants” to disclose what they are doing to address obesity and nutrition.

The restaurants were given a score out of 100 based on six factors, including policies on marketing to children, disclosure of nutritional information on menus and online, plans to reduce “nutrients of concern” such as sugar and saturated fat, and a commitment to health in corporate strategy.


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