1.      Which textbook is THE textbook recommended by the IEB?
The IEB does not recommend a textbook. The IEB is an assessment body that makes a Subject Assessment Guide (SAG) available in every subject. Every teacher has the responsibility to ensure they prepare their learners for the exam according to the SAG requirements.

2.      So how do I know which textbook to buy?
Use a variety of resources in your classroom. Make sure the book that your learners will be using, meets the SAG requirements. Don’t just believe that a book meets the SAG requirements because it says so on the cover or website or because the authors tell you it does. Check for yourself!

Always remember: The IEB does not assess the content of a textbook, but only the content of the SAG document.

3.      A variety of resources?
Yes. Make sure you look at newspaper articles, internet articles and YouTube clips to name but a few. Look at the website of the case study company to see what they are saying about themselves. By doing this, you will also expose your learners to current affairs.

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