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How to start a business in South Africa with R300

Financial services provider, FedGroup, says that with the use of technology (namely an app) and startup capital of R300, you can start a sideline business in South Africa.

“Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can expand their revenue streams and kick-start a side hustle by investing in Fedgroup’s Impact Farming,” the group said.

This crowd-farming initiative enables the asset owners to generate income from selected agricultural products and renewable energy.

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2019-07-06T17:17:46+02:00 Jul 6th, 2019|Entrepreneurship, Performance of the business|

Five reasons why South Africa has lost 83 000 businesses since 2007

The greatest struggle in South Africa is the arduous task of reigniting the jobs market. Youth unemployment is the highest in the world here and millions of citizens are effectively excluded from the realm of work. So the latest findings from the Enterprise Observatory of South Africa (EOSA) don’t make for a light read.

The researchers have concluded that, for a 10-year period between 2007 – 2017, the number of companies registered in South Africa took a nosedive. From having 222 532 tax-paying businesses in 2007, that latest figure now stands at 139 664 – a massive decline of almost 83 000 places of employment, equating to 37% of the market.

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6 of the Most Profitable Small Businesses in South Africa

When Grant Rushmere first envisioned Bos Ice Tea, he did it through the lens of creating a global brand. This wasn’t going to be a small local brand that would grow organically, and maybe enter international markets in the distant future. No. This was a brand engineered for stratospheric growth, which required a ballsy optimism and willingness to go big or go home.

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Choice of company structures

Investors can employ a variety of legal business structures in South Africa, depending on the nature of the operation and the related tax and legal considerations. The most commonly adopted forms of doing business by foreign investors are private companies and branches.

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2019-07-06T17:10:45+02:00 Jul 6th, 2019|Performance of the business|

What Working at Enron Taught Me About Corporate Ethics

I had the most incredible job out of college for a budding macroeconomist with a global lens. Creating markets in everything from natural gas to dark fiber to weather derivatives. At a Fortune 10 company. The darling of Wall Street. Until it wasn’t. And my bosses went to jail.

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2019-07-06T17:07:05+02:00 Jul 6th, 2019|Ethics|

5 Must Know Pricing Strategy Ethics Issues

Some ethical issues are extremely easy to understand: don’t steal, treat others with respect, and always put down the toilet seat for your lady friends. However, when it comes to the market, the concept of what is right and wrong is a bit blurrier. Of course you can’t exploit children for a lbaor force, but  Is it a business’s right to price however they want? After all, if the number is too high or the marketing too egregious, then consumers won’t buy right?

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2019-01-30T04:58:44+02:00 Jan 30th, 2019|Ethics, Marketing|

The Good, the Bad, and the Future

n a recent op-ed piece, I decried the state of ethics in today’s business community. The Volkswagen emissions fraud, the Peanut Corporation of American contamination cover-up, and Turing Pharmaceuticals’ 5,000% price increase for a particular drug all happened virtually simultaneously and threw me into a bit of a funk. Every day on Wall Street, it seems, an investment bank, hedge fund, or some other financial actor settled charges of wrongdoing by paying a few million dollars in shareholder money. This is depressing, as is the suggestion in a recent Poets & Quants column by Ethan Baron that perhaps MBAs, with their inadequate ethics education, may be responsible for these business fiascos. All this makes clear that those of us who are concerned with improving ethics education have our work cut out for us.

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