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Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA – Aug 24, 2018, 06:40 AM

Food Lover’s Market just opened its first Eatery store in Johannesburg, in the heart of Sandton, following success in Cape Town.
The choice of food it offers is downright silly – and that’s before you get to desert.
This is not the kind of restaurant you want to sit down at, but it should be deeply worrying fast-food restaurants that trade on speed rather than quality.

The Food Lover’s Market just launched its first Eatery store in Johannesburg, expanding its current Cape Town footprint of three stores. Between them the four outlets are already serving some 20,000 people per day, Food Lover’s tell us – and the way Sandton office workers swarmed through it, that number seems plausible.

We visited this new jewel in the company’s crown, in the horrible The Marc shopping centre built on what was once the Village Walk, in the heart of the finance district.

We found a downright outrageous array of food choices and, yet, dizzyingly fast service, timing one particularly decisive worker at 90 seconds from setting foot in the store to leaving it again with a bulging takeaway container.

The Eatery houses a bunch of discrete specialist departments, including the Fresh Society juice bar, with a smoothie menu that runs over five boards.

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