Pick n Pay targets big online grocery push in Joburg

24 July 2017

Pick n Pay has launched its online distribution centre in Gauteng – the first of its kind in the province.
In the past, orders placed by Gauteng customers via Pick n Pay Online were fulfilled by a store close to the customer’s location.

“There are significant advantages to serving customers with a dedicated facility instead of picking online orders from a store near to their delivery location,” said Michael Cotterell, head of Pick n Pay Online.

• “Firstly, availability improves as online customers are not competing with customers in store for products.
• Secondly, freshness improves as the supply chain is shortened and the integrity of the cold chain is enhanced. Products move directly from our distribution centre to the customer and do not go via a store, thereby improving shelf-life for customers.”
• “Thirdly, we are able to significantly increase the range of products we offer to our customers. Our facility has […]

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How not to end up like the fidget spinner inventor (without a patent)

12 June 2017 3:18 PM

Florida-based creator Catherine Hettinger has been credited as the inventor of the fidget spinner.

She has told various publications about how she couldn’t afford to renew the patent on the popular toy because she did not have necessary backing. She created the device nearly 20 years ago.

A crowd funding initiative has now been set up for her.

My advice would be you don’t just knock on the first door and if it is closed you walk away. You have to believe in your product and try as much as possible even if you don’t have the backing of multinationals like Hasbro. — Likonelo Magagula, Head of Intellectual Property at Norton Rose Fulbright. Getting a new invention off the ground is pretty costly, says Magagula.

At the beginning stages you can approach investors, but make sure you have […]

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Is franchising for you? Ask these 10 Qs

May 06 2014 14:01

Cape Town – Although franchising is a way to avoid unnecessary trial and error, it is essential for entrepreneurs to determine whether they are suited before starting the process of investing in a franchise business.

Simone Cooper, Head of Franchising and Enterprise Development at Standard Bank said there are many advantages of buying into a franchise, rather than opening up your own start-up business.

Some of the advantages include lower investment costs, higher profit margins and proven systems and processes, which further mean a significantly lower risk for the aspiring business owner, but you need to be sure if it is really for you.

Cooper lists ten key questions to ask yourself before taking the big step of becoming a franchise owner:

1. Are you willing to take responsibility and manage your own business?
One of the misconceptions about franchising is that buying into one […]

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Consumer complaints, Complaint procedures, Useful Consumer Contact Details:

 Consumer Complaints:

Complaints may be made by any consumer, or by an interested person on behalf of a consumer. Public interest cases may be brought by NGO’s on behalf of consumers. The Act provides for Special legal remedies such as:

  • Class actions,
  • Damages,
  • Discrimination complaints may be brought to both the Equality Court and the National Consumer Commission for referral to the Equality Court.


  • Consumers are encouraged to go to the supplier as their first port of call to resolve the dispute.
  • If there is no resolution, refer the matter to a Dispute Resolution Agent, who will attempt to resolve the matter through an Alternative Dispute Resolution process.
  • Then referral by the NCC of minor matters to Provincial Office who will escalate the matter to Provincial Consumer Courts.
  • Then the Commission/ Tribunal as the last resolution to individual complaints.

The National Consumer Commission will investigate […]

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Articles relating to franchising and the 2017 Fast Food theme that you may find helpful – Just click on the picture and it will take you to info on each franchise J – more info on restaurants to look at – Breaking news … – Interesting concept: Dial a Picnic – Another coffee shop – Banks on Franchising – Fast foods in South Africa – Fast coffee – More coffee on the go









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Fast Food Marketing Strategies

by Rick Suttle

The fast food industry is highly competitive and dominated by large companies. Smaller businesses must be savvy in developing marketing strategies that drive consumer traffic. This entails staying in constant touch with customers. One of the best ways for smaller fast food companies to stay in touch with their companies is through marketing research. A small fast food company must know what key customers want and will buy before developing marketing and advertising strategies.



Fast food companies can drive traffic through collectibles, particularly those that kids enjoy. Select a movie or popular animated film. Find companies who sell dolls, glasses or other mementos that are related to the movie. Offer four or six characters or glasses. Provide one free item for the purchase a kids’ meal. This fast food marketing strategies entices people to come back until they have all […]

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Revenue needs to be driven with great customer experience

Revenue needs to be driven with great customer experience

29 MARCH 2017 – 12:23 PM LYNETTE DICEY

According to a recent Forrester Report, titled “Drive Revenue with Great Customer Experience, 2017” many customer experience (CX) professions are challenged when it comes to finding a connection between CX and growing revenue.

The report analysed revenue potential from improving CX in 13 industries that Forrester covers in its CX Index and provides data that CX professionals can use to build a case for investing in CX. In every industry analysed Forrester saw positive revenue potential from improving CX.

According to the report, there are four industry-specific factors that shape CX revenue models.

The first is to find out what the barriers are to switching from one service provider to another. For example, if customers are charged for switching, they’re unlikely to move, despite poor customer experience.

The second factor is relationship value. Forrester’s model looks at the size and […]

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