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5 Innovation Trends of 2018 that will Disrupt the Corporate Landscape in 2019

2018 has very much been a year of “epic partnerships”. The Avengers teamed up with the squad from Guardians of the Galaxy to face down Thanos. Prince Harry finally tied the knot with Meghan Markle. Even North and South Korea walked under a united banner at the Winter Olympics.Things have been no less epic on the corporate innovation front. Companies across multiple sectors have launched collaborative efforts to gather disruptive new ideas, harness new technologies, and achieve greater sustainability.

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2018 felt like the first year where ethical living really went mainstream. Major fashion magazine Elle dedicated their most important issue of the year, the September Issue, to sustainable fashion, and issues from plastic pollution to palm oil have dominated the news headlines.

Last year I made my predictions for the ethical and sustainable trends to watch in 2018, including plastic pollution, the rise of veganism, major growth in ethical fashion and a bigger push against climate change.

After reviewing the data from 2018, it’s clear that significant progress was made in all of these areas, but these issues aren’t going away any time soon.

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How climate change could be driving up your insurance premiums

Sep 23 2018 – Lameez Omarjee

Extreme weather patterns have increased the potential for liability claims, costing both insurers and clients more, an industry expert has warned.

In 2017, worldwide weather events, natural phenomena and large man-made disasters ran up estimated losses of $337bn (about R4.8 trn), according to global reinsurer Swiss Re Sigma. This translated to insured losses of $144bn (about R2.05bn).
South Africa has also contended with the results of extreme weather, such as the Knysna fires, the drought in the Western Cape, and severe floods and storms in Gauteng.

Insurers and reinsurers did manage to pay valid claims. However, the increase in weather events means insurers must be aware of a likely increase in such claims in the future, explains Caroline Theodosiou, director at law firm Norton Rose Fulbright.
Having paid out large numbers of claims, the next step is to recover the monies paid out. According to Theodosiou, this is where […]

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oBike launches global business partnership programme

2018 – The oBike

Cape Town – oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown smart station-less bike sharing operator, announced that it has hit a major milestone of 10 million trips globally.

To cope with the demand, oBike launched a franchise-like programme known as the Global Business Partnership Programme (GBPP), inviting interested parties to manage its on-ground operations and maintenance works as business partners.

Based on a revenue-share model, GBPP was established with the objective of harnessing the networks and resources of local businesses to better optimise oBike operations through timely deployment as well as redeployment and maintenance of the bikes. In return, these partners enjoy the support of oBike’s technology, backend systems and product support.

Since starting operations a year ago, oBike has grown to a presence in over 60 cities across 20 countries. Through GBPP, oBike hopes to create a more sustainable and scalable business model, while boosting business and employment opportunities in the respective […]

Staff happiness is business happiness: Franchising tips from the pros

Katya Stead

Johannesburg – With franchising businesses performing well despite South Africa’s gloomy economy, opening a franchise might be a stellar opportunity for a budding entrepreneur.

Krispy Kreme’s managing director in South Africa Gerry Thomas, founder of RocoMamas food franchise Brian Alriche and ‘living’ brand Ina Paarman all shared their top tips of how to be a successful franchiser at the annual FNB Franchising Summit in Johannesburg this week.

These are their secrets:
1. Select the right franchisor
“We were very firm in our requirements of buying into a franchise,” said Thomas, whose past successes include the Fego and Europa coffee shop brands. “Among our criteria were a franchisor’s pedigree, to be the first to market, as well as social responsibility and financial stability. You also have to be the best in class and have a point of difference are fundamental when investing in a food franchise brand.
“Krispy Kreme’s footprint with emerging economies similar to […]

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We visited the first Food Lover’s Eatery in Joburg, and found restaurant-grade takeaways available in 90 seconds flat

Thank you to Adila Tayob for sharing this article with us.

Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA – Aug 24, 2018, 06:40 AM

Food Lover’s Market just opened its first Eatery store in Johannesburg, in the heart of Sandton, following success in Cape Town.
The choice of food it offers is downright silly – and that’s before you get to desert.
This is not the kind of restaurant you want to sit down at, but it should be deeply worrying fast-food restaurants that trade on speed rather than quality.

The Food Lover’s Market just launched its first Eatery store in Johannesburg, expanding its current Cape Town footprint of three stores. Between them the four outlets are already serving some 20,000 people per day, Food Lover’s tell us – and the way Sandton office workers swarmed through it, that number seems plausible.

We visited this new jewel in the company’s crown, in the horrible The […]

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SA can’t get enough of RocoMamas ‘smashburgers’ – and now they’re heading for India and the Middle East

Thank you to Adila Tayob for sharing this article with us.

Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA – Sep 06, 2018

The Spur restaurant group just barely managed to keep its sales flat in the last year, and predicts trouble to come.
But its RocoMamas chain increased sales by nearly a third, and Spur plans to keep opening an average of at least one new outlet a month.
RocoMamas just landed in Australia, but there are already plans for locations in India, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Cyprus.
The Spur group plans to open its first ever restaurant in India in this financial year, it said on Thursday – a RocoMamas outlet. It also plans to open a RocoMamas in Saudi Arabia, and is “in advanced negotiations” to expand the brand in Cyprus, just months after opening the first restaurant in Australia.

The rapid international rollout is unusual for a group that has been […]

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Fast food deliveries are exploding in South Africa – here are the winners

Thank you to Adila Tayob for sharing this article with us.

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA Aug 01, 2018

Fast food deliveries are exploding in South Africa, with Mr D Food seeing order growth of 210%.
The home-grown delivery service has processed over R500 million worth of orders the past 12 months, and has over 270,000 monthly active users. Uber Eats and Mr D Food collectively account for 90% of South Africa’s third-party fast food delivery market.
South Africa’s fast food delivery services have boomed the past year, with Mr D Food alone reporting growth of 210% in the number of orders.

Mr D Food, owned by multinational Naspers, has also processed over R500 million worth of orders the past 12 months, and has over 270,000 active users.

“Food delivery in South Africa is still under-penetrated and growing rapidly, as is the case in many markets across the globe,” Naspers Ventures CEO […]

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Bleak festive season ahead as petrol price spills over R17/litre

Oct 01 2018  – Sibongile Khumalo

A bleak festive season is on the cards if the current rate of fuel increases continues over the next two months, an economist warned following the announcement of a steep hike effective from midnight on Tuesday.“We might face a dim festive season if the current pace of fuel price increases is sustained in the two months ahead,” said Paul Makube, Senior Agricultural economist at FNB Agri-Business.

The Department of Energy (DoE) announced on Monday that both grades of petrol, 93 and 95 (ULP & LRP), will increase by 99 cents and 100 cents a litre (c/l) respectively.

This brings the overall retail price of 95 ULP for motorists in Gauteng to R17.08 c/l and R16.49 c/l at the Coast.
Makube said the latest increase would “place a further strain on consumers and will hurt consumption growth in a weak economy”.
Fuel prices have been rising sharply since March, on […]

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3 types of intent that affect your car insurance claim

Aug 16 2018 17:44

When deciding on whether someone should be covered in the event of a motor vehicle accident, an insurer may decide that a seemingly negligent driver actually acted with intent and should therefore not be covered, and such insurer may apply criminal court judgments to do so. Johannes du Plessis, legal advisor at RBS (Risk Benefit Solutions), a financial services broker, says consumers could find their vehicle claims rejected by insurers if it can be argued that they acted with intent instead of negligence during a motor vehicle collision.
“Insurance companies do not cover damages caused with intent, but they do cover damages caused by negligence…The Civil Court often uses Criminal Court judgments when it comes to determining negligence or intent.”

He adds that it is important to understand that the law differentiates between different kinds of intent. For example, one of the kinds of intent is intent-by-possibility, the definition […]

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